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Export users to Excel or CSV file Basic 3.2.2
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Are you looking for the tool to export users (download users) into Excel or CSV file?

Our tool allows to export users for any purposes:

  • For mass mailing
  • For your business partner
  • To migrate users to any other system (like CRM)
  • Any other purposes.

This export users tool allows to download users in Excel/CSV format just in a few clicks and save your priceless time.

You can export thousands of users just in a few seconds.
Each exported user will be saved in excel/CSV file with the information you need, so before export, you can specify which data (e.g. email, name, position) you need.
So, if you don't want to export some data (e.g. ZIP code or Address) - no problem, just specify it in settings.

Also "Export User Profiles" is available.

It means that if you need to export 3 excel files with different data (for different purposes), e.g.:

  • one excel is for you business partner
  • another excel is for mass mailing
  • third excel as a backup

You just need to specify export user settings once for each file.
"User export" will remember it and create 3 export buttons for you.
By click on them, a new file will be downloaded immediately.

Export user's data which is supported by Joomla and Joomla Contacts or UserProfile. All next user data can be exported e.g:

Id, Username, Password, Email, Full Name, Params, Address, Suburb, State, Country, Postcode, Telephone, Fax, Mobile, Position, Misc, Image, Webpage, Registration Date, Activation, etc..

The main features of "User Export" tool:

  • Compatibility with Joomla 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.X
  • Supported Excel and CSV files.
  • Joomla Contacts and User-Profile support. (These are available in the separate editions.)
  • You can export users from specified groups.
  • You can export encrypted user's password if you need.
  • You can export users from Joomla with their groups.
  • You can specify the order of columns in a file.
  • Download Profiles is available, so you can export users in 1 click.
  • In combination with our import extension, it can be used to migrate users from one Joomla to another. To migrate users you also need import extension (see "Other Extension" tab on this page) which will allow creating all users from excel file.
  • We always ready to help you - just contact us via a form on our web-site.
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Export users to Excel or CSV file Basic 3.2.2