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Feedback Site Tab for Contact Enhanced 4.1
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The CE Feedback is a plugin that adds a Feedback image as a sidebar on your site and when clicked it loads a feedback form using Contact Enhanced to allow any website user to leave a comment on your site. It loads in a modal window using Joomla default's modal window (jQuery for Joomla 3+ and MooTools for Joomla 2.5 and older), so if your customer have a question about a particular page he can submit a feedback form without ever leaving the page.

Other features:

  • Every feedback form can also record information about the client's browser, operating system, screen resolution and IP address;
  • No plugins like Flash or Java needed, no problem with popup blockers;
  • Unobtrusive behaviour, visitors with disabled JavaScript or old browsers can still be able to submit the form (in this case it will not load in a modal window);
  • Simple and intuitive behavior: loading-indicator, close button and changing icons describe possible interactions;
  • All Contact Enhanced Features like Custom Fields, GMaps & directions integration, HTML templates & emails, CAPTCHA, Campaign Monitor Newsletter integration and much more;

This plugin requires Contact Enhanced Component in order to work.

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Joomla 2.5
Feedback Site Tab for Contact Enhanced 2.5.20
Joomla 3
Feedback Site Tab for Contact Enhanced 3.10.5
Joomla 4
Feedback Site Tab for Contact Enhanced 4.1