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Quick Index Pro 3.2.2 UPDATED
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With Quick Index you can easily add an index (Table of Contents) to your content. The index will be generated based on the headings in your content.

Simply place {index} where you want the index to show.


  • Create indexes
    • Create linked indexes / Table of Contents based on headings in content.
  • Headings control
    • Choose which headings to include in the index, by excluding specific headings or blocks of content.
  • Ordered / Unordered
    • Choose between ordered or unordered lists in the index.
  • Custom styling
    • The ability to set custom classnames gives you full freedom to style the index via custom css.
  • Auto Index
    • Automatically add indexes to the top of all articles or articles in selected categories
  • Place an Index anywhere
    • Output an Index from an article wherever you want, such as in a module.
  • Min/max depth
    • Set the minimum and maximum depth of headings (<h1> to <h6>) to include in the index.
  • Ordered List Styles
    • Set the list style for ordered lists in the index.
  • Individual Level Styles
    • Set the list type and syles per level from heading 1 to 6.
  • Heading numbering
    • Automatically add the index numbering to the headings in your content.
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